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We love buying and collecting jewelry, and buy whatever catches our eye. We have well over 1000 pieces to choose from,
and much more that isn't listed yet.
Teresa, I have never placed jewelry on layaway before now. I
didn't realize how easy it was, and didn't know what to
expect. Simple. The vintage blue necklace is my favorite,
although the bracelet is the one I will wear most. Thanks you
How can I keep in touch with your vintage antique jewelry shop?
  1. What was the first piece of jewelry you ever admired? Mine was a necklace of my Grandmothers that she wore on special occasions. When she wasn't wearing it, she
    kept it in a drawer folded in linen to keep nice. Perhaps this is why I notice necklaces that people wear.  
  2. Choosing your jewelry is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Love what you are wearing.  
  3. Choose your favorite style, such as a necklace. A necklace can be easily worn everyday with a lacy dress, blue jeans, or a suit. Enhance your appearance while wearing
    something completely comfortable.
  4. Go for the color you are wanting to bring out in your style.
  5. Do you cherish golden or silvertone? An antique piece or vintage?
  6. Flashy or simple, jewelry is everywhere - Choose your style or go out on the limb and wear something entirely unpredictable!
  7. Vintage Jewelry is almost a one-of-a-kind when you wear them to your formal parties or other events.
  8. Men love vintage cuff links or a tie clip to accessorize their suits. Silver goes well with every color, gold adds warmth.
  9. Choose a vintage jewelry that will compliment your wardrobe. Turn something drab into pizzazz.
  10. Thanks to your thought-out criteria you give to comfort to your looks.
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Thank you Teresa
The jewelry will be used in our show "Portrait of Patsy
which opens on July 2nd.  

I fully expect there will be many positive comments about
how lovely the jewelry looks.  The actress portraying Miss
Cline will be wearing it.
Teresa...Just a note to notify you I receive pkg. this day from
P.O.  Everything is GREAT and you did a Great job with the
shipping. I am very pleased with the items and will tell more
persons about your site.
Dear Teresa, My wife loves your site and she has already
spoken about it with her friends. We will definitely visit it  
again. For now we will be waiting for the parcel. Kind regards.
Dear Teresa, My wife loves your site and she has already
spoken about it with her friends. We will definitely visit it  
again. For now we will be waiting for the parcel. Kind regards.
I love the jewelry you have!.
Thanks, it's a very beautiful ring. You have so many pieces of
jewelry to choose from.
Your site is set up easy to use, and you have lots to choose
from. I love the necklace I bought.
Just wanted to thank you for the lovely carved necklace I
purchased from you several weeks ago.  It arrived quickly and I
wore it the very next day! So lovely!
I simply MUST have this ring! Thank you for offering it!
Thanks. I love the vintage necklace parures, necklaces, and
brooch. I received them today.
We enjoyed visiting your Vintage Jewelry
Love your bracelets.
Teresa...Just a note to notify you I receive pkg. this day from
P.O.  Everything is GREAT and you did a Great job with the
shipping. I am very pleased with the items and will tell more
persons about your site.
My latest shipment arrived safe and sound. (Coro sets, bakelite
scarf holder and tiny “bobby pin.”) Thanks again for quality
items and great shipping. Am I all paid up? Let me know if I’ve
missed anything. Thanks.
Thanks so much Teresa. I already bookmarked the site the
moment I found it - it's really great. You do a wonderful job of
selecting pieces and presenting them informatively. Your site is
so refreshing actually. Thanks again. I look forward to my next
One thing I say you do really well and that is the quality of the
photos is very good. When you enlarge them, you really can see
them well. The website is easy to use and again, the photos are
very nice. I had searched for earrings last night but didn't really
see anything that was exactly right but when I saw this necklace,
it looked like the perfect one to go with my dress for my
daughter's wedding. Last evening was the first time I found this
vintage jewelry website and now have it listed in my Favorites.
There are so many beautiful pieces that I'm sure I'll be back
shopping there in the future. As for passing your web
information on to others, I already have. Thank you!
It was exhilarating to look through the volumes of jewelry you
offer. I purchased vintage bridal jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry,
very light blue rhinestone jewelry, which is my daughter's color
scheme. This is the most striking site I ordered from. It is easy
to use and the photos are clear so I knew exactly what I ordered.
I wish I had found your site first! I would have ordered all my
vintage wedding jewelry from you. Honestly, with your prices,
you saved me a few hundred. Thanks.
Hi Teresa, Just to let you know that I have received my
necklace today, so just in time for our event tomorrow! It is
really beautiful, I love it and it will look so great with my
dress and a pair of earrings I plan to wear! Excited! I will
definitely use your site again to buy some unique pieces at
good price and will recommend it to all my gal-pals as well!
Hi Teresa,
You should have the order for my mom.  I went ahead and
ordered some things for her birthday too! She will be 90 in
early March.  FOLLOW UP: My mama LOVED her
necklaces.  I ended up giving all of them to her (before her
birthday in March).  My dad says she is like a kid in a candy
Teresa, What an awesome package I received today. I didn't
expect it so quickly. I ordered from another place a while
back and it took 3 times as long. Love the jewels you have!
Thank you for the MoP studs that arrived today. I really
appreciated the personalized packaging as well.
Oh My, Where has your website BEEN? I just happened
upon it while searching for a bracelet. And, I cannot believe
the quality, the beauty, the prices, the LAYAWAY! Your
shop is exquisite and professional. I will never buy from
anyone else again. I collect Antique and Vintage pieces and
my home overfloweth! I do have some awesome pieces to
sell, but I had become so attached to them I can't part just
yet. I had to tell you that your shop is Fabulous and you
make owning lovely antique and vintage pieces available for
any budget.
Thank you Teresa.  I just received the vintage jewelry Necklace
Set.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!  I will definitely cherish this
work of art.
Thank you so much for the necklace.  It is even more
beautiful than the picture.  My daughter's birthday is May
and her birthstone is emerald.  This was just to beautiful to
pass up and of course we will both tell everyone where we
got it and spread your name.  Also, thank you for the gift, it
is really beautiful.
Teresa, Thanks so much for the quick shipment. I will let others
know about your jewelry site.
Hi There,
First of all, I LOVE the jewelry you have available, I wish I
could buy it all!. I do love the vintage jewelry I ordered and
will ordering again soon.
Thanks, Careen
Well done! You've got a good eye. Thanks Teresa. Love the
I got the brooches yesterday. THEY ARE PERFECT! I will be
ordering a couple more I saw on your website. I am mainly
interested in antique, quality brooches that are either masculine
or unisex looking. Very happy with my purchase. I will be in
touch soon.
Just a note to let you know that I received the butterfly
rhinestone necklace this morning and I am ecstatic over it! I have
friends there who will be crazy about it also. I have been a big
collector of butterflies since high school, which is more years
than I care to admit to, and this is a nice addition to that
collection. I have many vintage butterfly pins, but this is the
first necklace in that category. Also, thank you for, as we Cajuns
say, the lagniappe. The moonstone ring fits perfectly and pens
are always useful.
Dear Teresa, I am very impressed with your website. You have
it well organized and you have very pretty jewelry.  Plus you
have a very large selection. Great job!! Thanks for the quick
shipping and careful wrapping.
Teresa,The package arrived on Tuesday so cutely wrapped! I
can't thank you enough for the great service. I was quite
surprised to find a lovely thank you note. I'm sure I'll be
shopping with you more.
Wishing you All the Best, Stacey
Thank you for your colorful zesty vintage jewelry set. Love
shopping here, it brings freshness to vintage jewelry Betsy